Note Manager


SimBust Note Manager  v.2 4

It is a simple yet robust personal information manager (PIM) application that allows you to easily edit, view, and organize your personal notes, memos, thoughts, passwords, ideas, diaries, journals and so on.

SimBust Note Manager Lite  v.2.4

This software allows you to edit, view and organize various types of information such as notes, memos, thoughts, code snippets or logs. It has a 3-pane layout and a password scheme.


Alive Note Manager  v.

This program is an electronic book of entries and notes that lets you record tasks, events and notes, and keep a diary. You can search, print out,

Sticky Note Manager  v.0.0.7

This software can be used to store important notes and receive alerts when tasks or times are approaching. The advantage using this application is that it has an easy to use interface, even for a beginner.

JotNow - Sticky Note Manager  v.1.7.2002

It's the Stickies-like app you have been waiting for all this time…Memorial Day: LIMITED TIME 50% off SALE!

Unusual Works Utility Pack

Unusual Works Utility Pack contains the following programs: CDDoor is a CD ejector. It is a useful little program which allows you to control your computer's CD tray. Small Notes is a Note Manager. It helps you store and organize your notes. Now you don't

NoteCase  v.1. 9. 2008

NoteCase is a portable note manager with numerous functions that make it perfect to handle everyday notes.

DeskNotes  v.

Its Note Manager is used to organize notes into notebooks for ease of retrieval. The Attribute Browser is used to extend your notes by defining priorities and alarms, or to even schedule notes to open and programs to run automatically.

NotesTool  v.2.0

Notes Tool is a simple multi-page note manager for creating and managing quick notes, links and to-do lists for easy further processing. The program has a simple interface trough which you can access a list of available features.

CatClip  v.2.5

This program is an Internet research companion and note manager. It allows you to capture, edit, annotate and cross classify all or selected portions of Web pages, Email and documents.

MemoPod  v.1.2

The Ultimate iPod Note Manager.

CintaNotes Free Personal Notes Manager  v.1.7.1

A free, lightweight and user-friendly personal notes manager. Its features include: - Easy text capturing. Just select any text in any software and press the hotkey! If it works with clipboard, it works with CintaNotes. - Exteremely lean and fast -

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